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Value Add

We can´t do everything - but a lot. Here you can find our honest, authentic value add factors.



Personal Consultation

If you have any questions regarding latest technologies, vendors and products don´t hesitate to call us! We would gladly take the time to advise you in detail.


We´ll show you latest technologies, for example virtual desktop infrastructure or professional PoE solutions in our training center in Allershausen. Many of those trainings are free of charge for our partners. Furthermore we offer vendor certifications, that are performed by our vendor experts. More information:

No computer voices on the phone

At ALLNET you don´t have to worry about talking with a robot voice, but with a personal contact person. The main language at ALLNET is german but there is also for example english, french and italian.

Free support

We provide you with free support for ALLNET brand products (always) and for vendor products (first and second level).



You grow with us: We want you to grow together with us. You don´t feel confident in the WiFi field and just pass you WiFi orders to other resellers? We help you to educate yourself and support you with your orders that you would normally not accept.


As a partner of ALLNET you will soon notice: Our prices are more than competitive.

We will visit you

We have several field stuff that take care of our partners: The big system houses and the one-man business. If you would like us to visit you, we´ll recommend you new vendors, that fit to your existing portfolio. We´ll help you to conquer new IT sectors and provide you with any other help needed.

We join your appointment

You have a customer meeting and you´re not 100% familiar with the topic? No problem, we join your meeting - if you prefer it, also neutral without ALLNET business card.

Putting our hearts in

We feel the pulse of the product, we don´t sell stuff that we haven´t tried ourself. We love to play with technology and that way know exactly what works and how.




Since we offer a broad product portfolio we are able to offer you products and vendors to nearly every it sector and help you to not only sell the one IP phone that is on your order but also the whole cabling, network products, WiFi, video surveillance, LED lighting and much more. In a nutshell: the whole solution.

Fair RMA Service

We are human and can also turn a blind eye. Focused product portfolio: We´re analysing the market and searching for the latest technologies daily. Within the division (e.g. UCC. WiFi or IT security) we focus on vendors that are just as creative and innovative as ourself.

Without blinkers

Even though we have experts for several products, vendors and technologies, our collegues are getting trained to also understand the latest news about other sectors. If you want to buy a patch cable at ALLNET you don´t have to worry about getting forwarded five times before the contact person is taking your order.

Niche manufacturers

To implement a project or a solution in every detail, sometimes products are needed that the well-known vendors are not offering. For these cases we provide you with vendors that are able to cover those niche solutions.

Project pricing

Since our product managers are working very closely with our vendors, we are able to offer individual project prices and support you at all stages. We´re also your contact person for big projects!



Delivery until 19 o´clock

If you order in time you can be sure that your delivery is shipped on the same day. Neutral shipping: Delivery without ALLNET tape or logo? No problem: Just tell us while placing your phone or online order. We also offer drop shipments and take the whole logistics.

Large inventory

Because of our big warehouses your waiting time for delivery decreases.

Collection by the customer

If you live near munich you can pick up your delivery in our warehouses on the same or next day and that way save shipping costs. You can find our collection center here: Collection center Allershausen Kesselbodenstr. 1, 85391 Allershausen Monday to friday, 8 am to 7 pm Collection center ALLNET / ALLDIS Germering Maistraße 2, 82110 Germering Monday to friday, 8 am to 6.30 pm