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For all complaints and questions regarding missing or incorrect deliveries or damage in transit please contact our service team.


Feel free to contact us at the following times:

Monday to friday, 08:00 am to 6 pm.


Please choose your service case in the menu down below for more information or click directly on the Online RMA form.

Online RMA form

Online RMA form alternative

Garantee and Warrenty

For products under guarantee and warranty we offer the fastest possible handling of your complaints with the online RMA form.

Transportation damage

Even attentively packaged goods can be harmed. For this reason please check the following points before acknowledgement of receipt at the deliverer:


- Integrity of the shipment (see label or roll card)

- Intactness of the packaging (dents, holes, scratches, damage caused by water)


If there is an open transportation damage please kindly ask your carrier to confirm this in written form. Additionally please send a written note immediatly with the firm. If there is the possibility of taking a photo of the damage please send it enclosed with the form. If you are self-insured please report the claim to your insurance company.


Wrong delivery

Please check the goods immediately after receiving for failed or incorrect delivery. Following cases are differentiated:


- Missing Quantity: You didn’t receive the quantity of goods on the invoice.

- Incorrect delivery: You received a shipment that you didn’t order. The shipment was billed to you. Or the invoice is equivalent to your order but you received the wrong shipment


After filling out the online RMA form, you will receive a RMA number within 24 hours.


Please consider the following if you return the goods:


- Goods and packaging has to be unchanged

- Goods may not be opened or used

- Return goods only with a RMA-Number of ALLNET